Google Drive To Get Material Design(New Look) Update First On IOS, Later On Android

Before moving forward, we have to know what is material design. Material design, also known as Quantum paper is Google’s own design language developed in 2014. Introduced first inGoogle Now, the design system uses responsive animation, grid-based layout, padding, transitions and other depth effects like shadows and dynamic lighting. Recently, Google has rolled out a design update to Google Drive for both iOS and Android. The new design is done using material design, making the app easier to use on a mobile device. The main objective behind using material design is that it allows digital material to intelligently reform and expand. There are shadows and seams which provide meaning to any object that you touch. The core design is based on ink and paper, but its implementation is much more advanced

Supporting Operating System

You will need at least Android 5.0 to get the complete feeling of material design. However, that is not an issue because this is used in almost all Android devices released since 2009. Gradually this design will be extended to the entire range of mobile and web products developed by Google.

The ultimate aim is to provide a seamless and constant user experience across all platforms. Google is also aimed at creating a new visual language that combines scientific innovation and a great design. For third-party developers, some APIs have been released which will allow them to implement the material design in their applications.

What are the Changes?

The first change can be observed at the bottom navigation and the new home tab. Just like Google Drive web version, the home tab will consist of files based on last modification or access along with the frequency of file usage and file types. The bottom navigation will also have the option to switch between files, starred, shared files, home, and all files, allowing the user to access what he requires quickly.

The search bar can now be accessed anywhere inside the application. This includes the team drives page as well. Next, to My Drive in Files, there will now be a new tab, Team Drives.  A computer lab will also be there from where users can access the files where they have stored content from their local machine. The flawless switch account option will offer the users a seamless experience to switch between multiple accounts. Initially, it was at the left navigation menu but now it has been moved to the top right, next to the search bar.

What Did Google Say Regarding This?

The update is rolled out, Google Drive now joins Google Photos, messages, contacts, Gmail and other Google applications, all having the same white paint and a similar user interface. In a blog, Google said, they know that mobile devices are now quite important for doing our day to day job.

The drive is the only option which provides us an easy way to back up our files and easily share our daily task or any other file to the concerned person at the very last moment. It also helps us to access any files while the user is traveling.

The update was initially rolled out for iOS, while within March 18, it was rolled out for Android as well.

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