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About the July Group


The July Group is a commercial art agency representing a select group of international artists. We represent animators, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, installation artists, and portrait artists. Among them are seasoned award winners as well as extraordinary emerging artists. Their portfolios encompass an expansive range of subjects and styles. We provide the talent and versatility to meet all the demands of today's visual media.


Illustration and Animation


From matte paintings to motion graphics, The July Group illustrators and animators cover a broad spectrum of clients' needs. Their professional skills include: licensed images, children's book illustration, science fiction and fantasy art, graphic novels, CD art, educational illustration, and multimedia animation.




Our artists target illustrations for all facets of the publishing industry: books, magazines, newspapers, corporate brochures, and digital art for the web. Their work covers a full range of current topics such as: editorial, entertainment, humor, fashion, health, science, inspirational, food, wine, and travel.




We work closely with our self-publishing clients to guide them through the process of producing a book. Cover art and the overall appearance of a book are crucial to successful marketing. For successful production, marketing, and distribution of your book, we recommend the premier self-publishing company, Epigraph. For self-publishing authors, Epigraph provides all the necessary tools while authors maintain full control of their book's future.


Print Design / Web Design


The July Group designers produce innovative solutions for a wide variety of assignments for both print and Web design. Their professional services include: branding and identity packages, premier power point presentation, cutting edge posters for the entertainment industry, book jacket designs, corporate brochures, educational manuals, and all areas of Web site design.




The July Group has the best artists for both private and corporate clients. For the corporate client, we have prestigious portrait painters as well as seasoned installation artists to transform interior and exterior spaces. For the private client, we have prestigious portrait artists to capture the likeness of your family and friends, not to mention your favorite pet. Our masterful mural artists will adorn your dining room walls or your child's bedroom ceiling.


Further Information


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The American Institute of Graphic Arts


The Graphic Artist's Guild


The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators


The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques


The Society of Illustrators


The Society of Photographers and Artists Representatives